Facts And Information About Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency And Calibra Wallet

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency And Calibra Wallet - After Bitcoin, Facebook has announced the release of Cryptocurrency, LIBRA on June 8, 2019, and the world's largest social networking site. Facebook is about to launch Libra Digital Currency in 2020. In the same year, the company will also launch a digital valet which is named Calibra. In 2009 Satoshi Nakomoto made the first digital currency Bitcoin. 

Since then, many digital companies have come in the vertical Currency market. Following this link, Facebook has launched Libra Currency. So let's know friends what is Libra and Calibra? How and where can you use Libra and Calibra? 

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency

What Is Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency Facts And Information

1. Libra is a Cryptocurrency while Calibra is a digital valet through which Libra currency can be transmitted. 

2. According to the company, the beginning of year 2020 i.e. January 2020 or February 2020 Libra can be offered in the market for the general public. 

3. Although Libra officially is not a Facebook company, Libra is a Non-Profit Organization of Geneva. But Calibra is completely the company of Facebook.

4. Calibra company's runway will be in the hands of Devid Marcus David Marcus has been the first PayPal head. Paypal remains the world's biggest payment gateway company. 

5. At present the company is going through the process of privacy policy and security policy of Calibra and Libra. Facebook has already been in disputes many times about data privacy. This time the company does not want to make any mistake. Facebook has already claimed to pay full attention to the user's security in payment transfer. The company says that Calibra can access customer's account information only.

6. Libra can be used on all platforms of Facebook such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

7. The company says Libra Crypto can be used globally like Bitcoin. You can send money from any country in the world through Libra Currency.

8. This vertical currency of Facebook can be used without any credit card, debit card or bank account.

9. Facebook has partnered with 28 companies for Libra including Paypal, Uber, Spotify, Visa, PayU, MasterCard. The Libra Cryptocurrency will be valid on all these 28 companies' platforms. The company is also claiming that the user can also make mobile recharge, electricity bill, hotel booking etc. from this Cryptocurrency i.e. direct competition from Libra in India from Paytm, Phone Pay and Google Pay.

10. Fully control of Facebook will not be solely on Libra. All 28 companies have invested $ 10 million for Libra currency.

11. Libra is also a payment transfer system. Libra's transit will cost zero. That is, the extra charge will not be applicable.

12. In Calibra Wallet you will be able to see the transition history. Transaction can also be tracked in it.

13. Facebook says that the total amount of money in the country to send money from one country to another is approximately 25 million dollars. After the arrival of Libra Currency, the general public will not be charged for this fee. According to the company will be able to transfer large amount of security and security of the security.

14. Facebook has also claimed that if for some reason the Calibra hack gets and your Libra is stolen from it, then Facebook will pay its full payment.

15. The company will also have 24 Horse Live Support for both Libra and Calibra.

16. However, it is a matter of fact that Libra will be launched in India by 2020 or not because the Cryptocurrency has not received legal approval in India so far.

Not only this, the company is also claiming that the company will not even allow the data of the Calibra user for the Target Aid, however, according to the terms and conditions of the company, the company can use the data of Calibra user in some cases.

So Dear Friends, I Hope U Understand About Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency And Calibra Wallet. Information About Facebook Libra And Calibra.


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